So, i have decided to create a stop motion that will involve me building scenes/ sets to shoot with. I am excited about this because i enjoy building and creating and especially 3D work! My scenes will be influenced by kitsch items and pop culture, because the aim of my animation is not only to make the speech more illuminated and easier to understand, but also to make it accessible to all kinds of people not just existing creative/ curios people.

I think the problem that needs to be solved isn’t that people are not born curious, its that they lose that curiosity as they grow up. And i think reuniting them with childhood memories, themes and imagery such as toys and whimsical characters in a humorous animation will help ignite areas of their childhood and hopefully their childhood curiosity.

I decided to look at some existing stop motion sets, in order to get inspiration and also see where my limits may be. As most of my scenes are between 1-3 seconds long, so this at 12 frames per second gives me between 12- 36 frames that a particular scene may be needed in; some scenes are also used more than once so i need to prioritize which scenes should be the most detailed and visually exciting as to how much they will be seen by the audience. E.g. the photographer’s studio scene i wish to create, will be used in 2 scenes and should be of a high standard, but i feel all of the scenes should be of a high standard and have a consistent theme throughout to ensure my animation flows.

Below are some examples of sets i have found online for stop motion, that i would like to aim within the regions of quality, not necessarily in style though because i will be using my own illustration methods to influence this. For example the scene backgrounds will be drawn/ painting, as some props will be also sculpted and made, but some will be utilizing iconic childhood imagery and toys such as barbie furniture and kitsch items to bring to life my idea.


this  is one of the first sets i came across, it looks so realistic! But i love the style, its quite tim burton-esque with its muted colours, i’d like to create something quite bright i think.  But this level of detail would be great to aim for, i would have to prioritize my time with 13 sets to make.

coraline (3)

this is one of the sets from “Coraline”, i especially like the detail in the lighting fixtures and the food on the table, maybe small details like this would make my stop motion more interesting. I also want it to be realistic looking, but not in style, i’d like to create a very kitschy world for my stop motion but have it look as though it IS an actual world.


This shows a stop motion set that is a whole town curved around, i think this is a good idea to have all of the sets laid out in a continuous strip, this way there is less concern about how to transition between scenes seamlessly because the characters can just move from place to place without the need to move things around.


this is a very basic looking stop motion set, its not what i am aiming for by any means but you have to start somewhere, it shows me how rooms are easily created with just painted backgrounds on 2 sides, and the furniture is very basic.


This one is not bad at all, i don’t personally like the style of the scene because i think it looks messy and unnattractive but that could have been the theme of the room they needed to create. The addition of doors makes a good way of transitioning between scenes, i hadn’t thought of putting doors on my sets but it would be a way of transitioning from place to place in a way that makes sense and isn’t just characters floating around.


this one is of course completely unachieveable, and not suited to my storyboard but i just love to look at it! It gives me great inspiration and i love the detail in every aspect of the set from each leaf on the trees to the LED lights inside the house. I need to think actually about how i am going to light my animation, perhaps desk lamps directed in the way i think the scene should be illuminated? or maybe i should use little battery powered LED lights myself when creating the sets for the indoor scenes like inside the library.


this is a GIF from Coraline, this is one of my favorite films done using stop motion techniques. I like the use of moving objects in the scenes, i had only thought so far about my characters moving but perhaps there should be other aspects that move to make the scene feel more alive

This below is the last one i saw,its totally different in style to the other ones and looks hand drawn. I do like this idea because it suits me as an illustrator to hand draw my animation, or the props i use in it. But i would like to try making and using 3D aspects too. I know i will use hand drawing to create the backgrounds of my scenes but i hadn’t thought about using it in this way and making the use of drawing so glaringly obvious. scene 1


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