To begin preparing for my animation, i started testing out stop motion using a DSLR camera and found it obviously much higher quality than the stop motion maker for iphone, but i’ve discovered i will need to get a tripod in order to keep it steady and to ensure my characters can move in different ways i will need to use blue tack when arranging them for each picture. I did a few short tests with the DSLR to test the quality and i am happy with the results, i am looking forward to creating the sets and scenes and beginning to pace my animation properly.

This one was quite hard, it’s the one that led me to thinking i need blue tack because the character i’ve chosen for its kitsch-y qualities, but it has immovable limbs. I like this though because i think it gives it a sense of humor how awkwardly the character moves, it reminds me of south park a bit which although crude, does communicate its ideals quite clearly and is reknowned for the humorous primitive way the character moves.  But to ensure my character can move over objects i will try again with blue tack on the bottom of its hooves 🙂

this next test was for trying to shoot the line about using curiosity, it wanted to shoot it outside to represent the character being curious about the outside world, as opposed to being in the safety of the home, and i think the colour contrast between the kitschy glittery character and nature works quite well. This was much harder than expected because i couldn’t move the character as easily and smoothly whilst climbing on the rockery in my garden. But i am now prepared the the knowledge that i will have to use an adhesive of some sort to shoot this scene, and plan more carefully where the character will “explore” curiosity, i’d like to go higher up and have it in the waterfall, as i discovered it was waterproof when i dropped it in the pond ( not intentional).

this is the third test i did, i wasn’t trying to try out a scene from my storyboard this time, just experimenting with how characters, especially immovable toy characters; can interact with one another. I tried to add some humor into this one and found it quite funny whilst filming it 😛 I’m really starting to enjoy the stop motion process and can’t wait to introduce my own hand made scenery and illustrative pieces into the mix to interact with characters, i’m also looking at adding special effects on using the computer, such as lights and fireworks for the more “explosive” scenes.


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