This brief is for the unit “Present and Promote” and at level 6 we will be preparing ourselves for a professional role in the art and design world, and two key areas for this are presentation and promotion. For this unit we have 2 assessments, one is a presentation showcasing how we have investigated self promotion and what we have learned during and the strategy of self promotion we have decided to pursue through digital media e.g. website, blog, digital portfolio. The second is actually creating the outlet for this self promotion and using it effectively on the chosen digital platform. This brief reminds me of the work based learning unit i did last year which involved the creation of a portfolio and business cards and i would like to expand further and create something digital and modern and appealing to a wide audience, to showcase the kind of artist/ designer i want to be.

Present and promote includes the RSA Brief, the presentation of how we are going to promote ourselves, and actually promoting ourselves, to do for the presentation:

  • research existing artists promotion methods
  • look at artists/ illustrators websites
  • look into publications to send to potential clients, like small portfolio books, post cards sets, discs of images
  • begin gathering ideas on what makes a successful webpage for an illustrator
  • think about promotional goods
  • create a presentation detailing my plan of self promotion, including research, market tests and prototypes of promotional materials

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