To effectively write my essay i need to plan out the structure, what i want to say and how many words i am going to allocate to each section, this can of course be edited depending on what points have more context to them but i’d like to know what i am doing and where to start:

Introduction- 500 words introducing what questions i will be asking during the essay, how they will be researched and how it will affect my practice/ influence my FMP

Main body:

3 x 1000 word sections

Section 1: A childrens book whose illustrations represent gender in an equal manner, how does it do this, what impact did the illustrator have on the outcome if known, what about the imagery i find inspiring, how it will affect my practice

Section 2: A childrens book whose illustrations adhere to gender stereotypes and give a bad representation of gender roles, was this down to the illustrator? what makes the illustrations represent gender so detrimentally? How could it in my opinion be improved? How will it affect my practice?

Section 3: what have i learnt from the work of these two illustrators? what can an illustrator do to improve gender representation issues ( draw on primary research from questioning illustrators)


i could review 3 books using 750 words each, i would prefer to review 3 because then i can try to find a middle ground using ideas of modern day feminism and gender equality, because we cannot expect it to suddenly change from lots of gender stereotyping to none at all, i’d like to find the middle ground because that’s what i can aim for in my practice as an amateur illustrator, in order for my work to fall in line with my strong beliefs but still be flexible and employable to potential clients.


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