I’ve been working on the context of my animation and using the theme of kitsch & curiosity i’ve storyboarded how my minute long animation will run, this is split into 25 scenes ( 1 is missing as i am still exploring ideas because i found the sentence in question more difficult to interpret). To create this animation following this storyboard i will need to create 12 sets/ scenes:

  • Library scene
  • Home scene ( family living room)
  • classroom scene
  • photography studio scene
  • plain backgrounds in various colours
  • restaurant scene
  • job centre scene
  • museum scene
  • wishing well scene
  • window scene

I will be making these scenes from scratch, and using kitsch objects and decor ideas to fit in with the theme, i’d like it to be very colourful. I plan on using my own illustrations to create the scenes and backgrounds, mixed with real objects to make it feel like another world entirely, that people can step into and follow the talk on a journey to explain curiosity.

Below is my storyboard:

storyboard 1 storyboard 2 storyboard 3 storyboard 4


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