“Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something”

I think curiosity is something that is diverse and explosive, and something that is individual because you are curious about different things, and i want to show diversity within the characters in my animation. In order to make my animation accessible to a range of people with differing interests. I want to make curiosity relate-able to everyone and note just those within the creative community. Although the RSA is created by creative people and aimed at creative people, anyone who can become curious can become creative.  I am also a great lover of kitsch, the idea of kitsch is something that can be seen in poor taste but is appreciated in an ironic or knowing way, kitsch makes you curious because you wonder why on earth such garishness is being used and i’d like my animation to make people curious like Ian Leslie promotes curiosity within his talk. I also think the visual imagery in Ian’s talk can be represented with some kitschy objects as characters and this is something i want to explore. I think the use of kitsch in my work could also make it more accessible to non creatively experienced people, because it can be appreciated visually without the necessary contextual knowledge, but will hopefully encourage them to want to understand it on a contextual level, hence encouraging curiosity. What i want to express within this animation is to illuminate the words of Ian Leslie using a humorous and visually interesting stop motion that expresses how explosive and important it is to be curios, but in a way that shows curiosity is diverse and can be accessible for all types of peoplekitsch 2 kitsch


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