Before showing my crit feedback, i’ve been thinking about the criteria set forth by the RSA and how can i achieve them to the best of my ability:

1. Social benefit – 15%

How does your animation benefit society by increasing accessibility and clarifying the content?

Making curiosity accessible for all, I’d like to make this animation to allow the talk on curiosity to be understandable for all, including those who are not already creative/ curiously minded people

2. Execution – 15%

We are looking for an animation that is technically well-crafted and presented to the best of your ability.

I think the type of animation that will best showcase my ability, will be a stop motion due to the fact i can make it technically well crafted using the scenes and props i create.

3. Research – 20%

What research went into your animation? Does your submission make clever use of existing material or knowledge around the issue? Your sketchbook and storyboards will be used to judge on this criterion.

This is one i need to work on, my idea is involving kitsch themes at the moment and i’d like to find and elucidate links between kitsch and curiosity. Also i’d like to improve my sketchbook and make it more interesting.

4. Design Thinking – 20%

We want to know about the thought processes and insights that led you to develop your animation. What journey did you go through to arrive at the final result? Your sketchbook and storyboards will be used to judge this criterion.

6. Magic – 30%

We are looking for a bit of ‘magic’ – an animation that is delightful and clever, making best use of the content.

I think the magic will come when is start making my animation 🙂 and sometimes magical things happen entirely by accident, and i think the magic will be the humor in this piece.


I think the Crit went ok, i was disappointed in the amount of work i had produced but i think this was because i was more worried about how to create animations for the first time. I spent far too long looking into how to animate and doing little experiments, and hadn’t thought as much about what and why i wanted to animate. But i had experimented with a few different techniques that had caused me to consider stop motion as my favorite option because then i have a chance to work on creating 3D elements and i love making 3D sculptural pieces, it would give me a chance to create some illustrative sets and props. I also hadn’t seen that from my experiments that i had been using typically kitsch objects and characters, this was almost accidental but i have often used kitsch imagery in my past work and i now realise it is one of influences, and i could use it within this animation because Kitsch is a form of art that people are curious about, in different ways, sometimes just curious about why it has been created when it is seen as sometimes distasteful or tacky.

I found the crit useful, it helped me to take a step back from worrying about techniques and focus more on the idea i want to create, and that idea is i want to create an animation that makes curiosity accessible for all types of people, even those who are not yet curious. But i feel that using bright and garish kitsch imagery and characters to take the audience on a physical journey through the talk, will enable curiosity even if its just curious as to why those themes have been used. I also think the use of the objects would make the talk more accessible and elucidate the ideas of Ian Leslie in a way that younger people would understand, and make curiosity less of a word, and more of an journey full of action and adventure. 

This week my goals are:

  • Define my idea/ context of my animation
  • create a storyboard for the 1 minute animation
  • Do 6 stop motions ( i aim for 6, but it’s still a new technique for me but i shall do my best)
  • Do timings for animation, how many seconds per sentence etc but up until now i have been creating ideas for scenes based on the context of individual sentences

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