I have been extending my research to primary research, and this has involved looking in stores that sell books aimed at children and looking at how they display their books. I found that in The Works which is a store that sells books and a variety of other products at low prices had heavily segregated books that were deemed for boys and books that were deemed for girls. They were on separate shelves and you can see the definite stereotypical colour schemes of pinks and purples for girls and blues for boys, the covers of the books show stereotypical imagery that is seen as socially acceptable for boys and one set socially acceptable for girls. Now i by no means think this is the fault of the illustrator, because as an illustrator you are working for a client and your freedoms are sometimes limited. What i would like to know , is there anything you can do as an illustrator to eleviate this issue? I am going to contact some illustrators to ask about their experiences and whether they feel they can tackle gender representation within their work. Also, not all books are this obviously stereotyped through imagery,and i have found some examples of books that i think seem gender neutral, or much less pigeonholed than the ones that are labelled as “stories for boys” or “stories for girls”.

10392518_10154857879285151_474194655181954857_n 10431711_10154857879100151_2384855178115018149_n

above are the most obvious stereotypical covers i saw in these shops, i think they show misogynistic views that boys are adventurous and like pirates and robots and dinosaurs, whereas girls are gentle and love fairy’s and baby animals and handbags -_- i find these quite insulting, although i see they have their place because sometimes children really do like these things in their genders, but i feel more should be available and the colouring books/ sticker books should be segregated by subject not by gender, so a boy that likes baby animals feels free to pick up that book and a girl that likes dinosaurs feels the same.

10659329_10154857880140151_5363744150494177325_n 10690220_10154857880730151_3502220520360866750_n 10653678_10154857880895151_5549488525453933676_n 1902075_10154857881025151_8171529968282207840_n 1528732_10154857881180151_6603915587931055483_n 150097_10154857881615151_3101299746920585177_n 1900125_10154857881390151_3178819030528446580_n 10644921_10154857880455151_2007040797682523942_n

above are examples of how childrens books are displayed in both WHSmith and The Works, the books are quite segregated in themselves with separate shelves of books for each gender, the only exceptions are with books for very young children that involve animals such as the peppa pig book which looks applicable to both genders.

1496681_10154857878610151_708295695211670559_nThis is one book i saw that i really loved the cover illustrations, they aren’t gender obvious and they although its called stick- MAN, i think its whimsical illustrations and presence of animals makes it both appealing to boys and girls, this is the kind of illustrating that seems conscious of the issues of gender and is quite androgynous.


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