In this lecture Collin explained in depth ways of approaching our essay and some key points on how to do different sections. He explained how we can take a more critical approach of both our own work and how to critically analyse the work of others around us. It’s important when looking at other artists work to take a critical position on both sides and that its well informed. Its fine to not agree with an artists work or the message it portrays as long as you are informed on why they created the work they did and make an informed decision on why you feel that way about the work.

” drawing is a noun” again citing the importance of the meaning behind the work as opposed to the skill itself. The skill is a means to an end of communicating an idea, its the idea itself that should hold precedence. I’ve found this hard to grasp at times because i spend so much time practicing my drawing skills and really take pride in creating a well presented piece of work, but after these talks i can feel myself wavering on this position and i’m starting to see that art is not art if it has been created for the sake of showing off how well you can hold a pencil. I’m going to try and think alot more deeply about my work this year and what place it has in the world around me, which is why my interest in the way gender is represented can now take a place within my work, whereas before it had been a separate interest entirely.

Edward Bawden Illustration Exhibition in Bedford: IMPORTANT

Look at where the work is placed, why is it placed there? Look at the imagery in the work, is it showing any stereotypes through the illustration or pre concieved social ideas? It’s like visual culture and illustration provides us with a narrative we ultimately accept, like an illustration accompanying an article about old age will showcase things that are automatically associated with old age like gardening, golf, knitting etc, but are these a true representation of all people in their old age or just a stereotypical view based upon a group of elderly people and their activities? i know my grandma does not fall into this stereotype, but perhaps the stereotype is more accessible and acceptable and this is what a client wants from an illustration, to illuminate an idea in a way that is understandable and the public can identify with it.  but we still need to Be critical of stereotypes! age is something that is contextually based, something simple feeds you information that may or may not be true, and we should be critical of this also.

Research how to write about drawing, and look at methodologies. 

There are other types of research we can do, like watching movies, listening to the radio and reading newspapers, to practice being critical.

Essay is written from MY viewpoint, an informed viewpoint but still opinion based and this is something i haven’t done as such in previous essays. This needs to provide the means where you can reflect critically on your work and its progress and relate this to the context of your essay, and your personal and professional development as an artist/ designer.  You can connect methodologies  e.g. looking at the connection between post modernism and fashion, designers who have been influenced by history and events in post modernist times and what has this brought to fashion.  For example there was an artist called Fontana who used themes of deconstruction within fashion and began to deconstruct garments into their barest forms, but making a new style of clothing, he stripped fashion design back to its pure creative process. 


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