To help us prepare for the RSA”moving pictures” brief, we went on a trip to London Zoo to practice drawing animals in movement. The idea is to help us as illustrators who are accustomed to drawing static objects and characters to learn how to create drawings that are looser and convey more energy and movement that we can animate to become moving pictures. Anna recommended drawing quick rough drawings as opposed to detailed drawings because the challenge is that animals do NOT stay in one position for long. Although this was challenging and my earlier drawings in the morning did not reflect my drawing skills well, as the day went out i got into the swing of it more and created some drawings of the Pelicans especially that i really like and i think conveyed movement, whilst giving the animal character and expression. I’d like to try animating them myself using the computer so i bought a graphics tablet so i can give it a try 🙂

It was an interesting day and i liked observing and drawing the animals from a primary source, if i were to use animals in my animation for the brief i would like to spend longer on a particular animal to learn more about their mannerisms and movements. My favorite animals from the day to draw, were the pelicans and African cranes because when they preen their feathers their very flexible and create some interesting shapes using their necks and wings. They also look like they have alot of character and a majestic attitude to them that i wanted to convey in my drawings.1610818_10154817266405151_5310644302105316383_n 1454598_10154817266165151_2188057661714510121_n 10641021_10154817265950151_5777672678117376056_n 16122_10154817265505151_4757793763129620276_n 10511307_10154817265765151_4835922776238553048_n 1901636_10154817265615151_6235478849313105482_n 10574324_10154817265375151_3567244583390133554_n 10696169_10154817265245151_8456630062945763538_n 10584002_10154817267485151_7662130771660468056_n 10676291_10154817268205151_8346077757811092462_n 1897763_10154817267640151_1407282694857048149_n 37113_10154817267780151_5960331711823048398_n 10629813_10154817269460151_1062834555680865540_n 10698620_10154817273590151_5085297962910669013_n 10412021_10154817273815151_3090287137833108939_n 1557449_10154817274230151_308847493280814596_n 10635906_10154817274905151_9050567281822965358_n 10462801_10154817275075151_4589549657291843423_n

Below are some of my images from the day:


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