The Brief: Conceive and produce an animation to accompany one of the two selected audio files that will clarify, energize and illuminate the content.

The RSA in an organisation influenced by the Enlightenment, the age of enlightenment being the period in history in late 17th century western Europe where individual thinking and reasoning were aspired to rather than tradition. I think this is an excellent scope for a creative organizing that is always embracing new ways of thinking and interpreting ideas. They are committed to finding innovative solutions to this day and ages social challenges. It has a 27,000 person strong fellowship and currently they are running 8 Briefs, and the one we are focusing on is the “Moving Pictures” brief. I am excited to start this one because its included in my mission statement this year that i wanted to begin learning animation techniques, i would like to collaborate on this with an animation student but if this is not possible i have made back up plans to collaborate with a photography graduate who uses stop motion animation.

The entries will be judged according to the innovative way in which the audio content is interpreted.  Technical skill will be taken into consideration, but what we really value is the originality and creativity with which you communicate world changing ideas and concepts. 

This means basically, to be as creative and open minded and crazy with your ideas as possible and not worry so much about the technical details,this is a new thing for me that i’m really excited about!  Because i have never done animation it takes the pressure off a little and allows me to be an artist and a creative without panicking that i don’t have as much knowledge as others, i already have a few ideas!

Animation using the Sims ( this is ultimate cheating, but could really have a humorous factor and wit is important in this brief) A combination of 2D pencil animation using the “Pencil” computer programme, stop motion animation, use of a green screen to include real life factors.

We are to create a 1 minute animated short, to accompany either:

Curiosity- why our future depends on it, spoken by Ian Leslie

Above is the extract from the talk, and here is the transcript of it:

curiosity transcript

The other extract we can choose is “Hello World, where design meets life” spoken by Alice Rawsthorn and it speaks about how design can help us tackle problems in the world and allow us to live more sustainably and respobsibly. 

below is the transcript of this extract:

alice rawsthorn

Judging Criteria:

  • Social Benefit, how does your animation benefit society by increasing accessibility and clarifying content?
  • Research, what research went into your animation? does your submission make clever use of existing knowledge or material around the issue? your sketchbook and storyboards will be used to just this criterion.
  • Design thinking, we want to know about the thought processes and insights that led to you to develop your animation. What journey did you go through to arrive at the final result? your sketchbook and storyboards will be used to judge the following criterion.
  • Execution, we are looking for an animation that is technically well crafted and presented to the best of your ability
  • MAGIC, we are looking for a bit of magic- an animation that is clever and delightful and makes the best use of the content.

Submission requirements:

  1.  1 animation file in an appropriate format (.avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .mp4, .wmv)
  2. 1 x a4 pdf or word document of no more than 250 words describing your big idea
  3. no more than 10 scanned pages of your sketchbook and storyboards illustrating your development process.

We have been given a list of animations to look at for inspiration, you can see some below:


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