The brief for the Final Major Project has been given to us this week, and it’s being called a research project meaning the importance falls not only to our final outcome but the journey of discovery we have along the way, infact this holds precedence over the final outcome because it shows how we have evolved and grown as creatives and what we have learnt and what risks we have taken creatively to hopefully reach an outcome that is inventive and exciting.

” If i have seen further, its by standing on the shoulders of giants”

This quote implies we can also use other peoples research to further our own, so what other creatives have learnt, we can learn from them and take further, we were informed about types of research we should do for our FMP :

Primary is NEW research:

  • Raw materials that a designer works with
  • own critique or opinion on an original source like a painting you have seen in an exhibition or a film you have gone to see
  • Practical experiments, materials testing and your own critique and analysis of these
  • for primary research you should describe everything about what you are seeing, whats it for? whats it made of? why is it used? why has it been created?

Secondary is ESTABLISHED OR EXISTING  research:

  • Research that has already been undertaken in the field and used to support a designers own research
  • sources that address and discuss primary sources, like a review of a film or an exhibition

When using imagery as a source we should read into every detail of the image the way you would read a book, understand the imagery through the layers of analysis , find out what the artist is trying to convey in a piece and do you agree that the artist is putting that message across and communicating it effectively? I could help myself improve my use of this by reading critiques of design work to see what factors are taken into account. and then critique their critiques!

IMPORTANT BOOK : whats so important about research? by Meridith Davies



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