This year ahead is one that will involve me honing my drawing skills into usable illustration skills. As i am coming from a fine art background, this year is a year of discovering what sort of illustrator i want to be. I want to learn to use digital tools to create work, i want to learn animation so that i can pursue a career within the Walt Disney Corporation. I’d like to discover what style of work sparks my imagination and keeps me interested most, so i know what i can carry forward into work life and remain passionate about. This year i intend to spend more time creating my own work and as much time creating as possible, i’ve spent the last two years spanning the genres of art and now i would like to focus in on illustration and specifically 3D paper illustration, I’m hoping this year to create a style for myself that i can take forward and evolve into the type of work i wish to be known for. To do this i will expand my research into other artists and look for competitions and open briefs where i have the chance to put my work out there. I will also use behance and other online portfolios/ social media to try and introduce my work to the industry, this year is an opportunity to discover what i am good at, and improve it , and then publicize it.


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