Today was our first Industry Friday talk, from Graphic Designer, Photographer and Publisher Amandine Alessandra. She has 2 MA’s in fine arts and graphics and recently opened her own publishing company, Tower Block Books, in order to publish her book showing the alphabet through architecture, an interesting book for children and artists/ designers alike. We need to review 4 of these industry talks, but i intend to go to most of the talks if not all because i like to cross disciplines and learn things from other areas of the creative industries. It’s also a good opportunity to make new contacts that can help to further my learning and future career. The talk itself, was quite hard to hear because of the huge turnout of students, and being right at the back of the room i could not hear most of what Amandine was saying. So this review will be also based on looking at her website and her publishing website. One of the things i found very interesting from this talk is her practical career information, she speaks highly of Behance, saying how she has been found and commissioned on this site more than once, so i shall definitely be starting a behance which I haven’t previously. I found her very enterprising and passionate about her work, and this passion transcends into how experimental and forward thinking she has been with her work. Especially that of her typographical work using the human body to create an alphabet through the use of coloured sleeves on plain black clothing, so that the people wearing them create the letters with their arms and upper body and can be changed easily. below is an image of this from her series that involved travelling abroad and using her techniques of creating letters, with other languages which i found interesting because i have only ever thought of typography in English, and seeing it used in another language, especially as beautiful a language as Arabic. We learnt alot about how she thinks as a creator, she tries to relate image to language in a very innovative way and tries to use both sides of her brain to create with. The right to understand imagery, and the left to understand abstract concepts and she has the ability to use both to create harmoniously. She created a piece where she made an alphabet from books, using the colours in their spines picked out to create the lettering. She expressed her idea that if you use books to make the word “love” it creates a concept higher than that of just the books used, it expresses a “love of literature” its like she uses materials to create a concept more involved and deep than the material itself, she enhances the message with the materials, rather than the other way around.  She spoke about how typography is stereo typically meant to be clear and easy to understand as to not cloud the message, but she works in a different way in that she prefers her typography to enhance the message and express it more strongly. She likes to work large scale to achieve this impact, she asked herself a very important question that has given me the need to ask myself the same: What work do i want to be known for creating? this is a very important question and i found this talk worth attending for the basis of this question alone, because now i am thinking more deeply about my own work and thinking what do i want to be known for? what do i want to represent me in the industry? Amandine spoke of how it was important to be known for what you want to create, even if you have to do other jobs on the side that are more commercial and less your style. Amandines work is very conceptual, and not what i had expected from someone so enterprising who started her own publishing company which makes her even more of an inspirational figure. She has created many works over the year, starting from when she was a student herself which, should hopefully give me the confidence in my own work to think that even now, whilst studying i could be putting myself out there and starting a career. I’ve got a bit over the necessary 200 words for this review, but i found that what i heard of her talk she is worth more than 200 words, and i could write many more but i will come back to her work at a later stage in my own and keep an eye on her behance and linkedin to see her future projects. below are some final images from her presentation that i really liked, also it shows how popular the talk was!

invinoveritas 916011233767581 32_amandinealessandradancewithme 19_amandinealessandrabodytypealphabet


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