In this first lecture we were given practical information regarding the unit “Key Ideas in Art & Design” including information about our essay, which is worth 70% of the unit, and a research portfolio which is worth 30%. The deadline for the essay is the 8th of December and it needs to be 4000 words. We get to choose our own title for this essay, it should be related to our practice and help us when we come to interview for jobs relating to our practice. Its like the essay gives us a chance to research more indepth an area we are interested, an area that informs our work and inspires it so that when we are questioned on why we work the way with do and what subjects we work within, we have well informed answers that enhance our standing with potential clients and employers.  Essentially this essay should address the “language of our practice” . I can find out more about the essay in the unit handbook that is specifically for the essay, on BREO.

In order to ensure i spend enough time on this essay and researching to make sure i have a thorough understanding of the subject i choose, i need to choose a subject fairly quickly. To do this i will this week do a mind map of all of my potential ideas and begin narrowing them down with research. Once i have chosen a topic i will arrange an appointment with Chris ( in the library) to discuss appropriate books and journals that i could read to inform my essay.

What i need to do: Identify something in your discipline, does it inform my practical work? if so, link it to my practical work and contextualize it. Turn personal research into a coherent analysis.

When i begin my research, Mo had the excellent point that when your flicking through the internet and see interesting things i dont actually note them down. So when i start research I’ll keep a microsoft word page open so i can paste in useful links and URL’s that i can utilize later. I can do primary research involving creating my own experimentational work and i can do secondary research looking at other peoples work, i can go to exhibitions and lectures and artist talks also.

Reflective Weekly Posts:

Using the Rolfe model of reflective practice, i will every friday reflect on what i have done throughout the week and what i have found useful/ inspiring. The Rolfe model goes like this:

What? describe what your are talking about

So What? why is this important to me and my learning development

Now what? what am i going to do with this information, how will it inform my practice and what shall i create now based upon this information and inspiration?

Each reflective entry should be 200 words ( might be more) and it should be as much about the journey this year even more so than the final piece so this journey i am about to embark on of research, exploration and experimentation will hopefully help to shape my future in the industry of inspiration. 

Sketchbook- for personal use

Journal (blog) is to be marked

We were shown an explanation of how our creative journey should be informed :

An incomplete Manifesto for Growth:

1. Process is more important than outcome

2. Love your experiments, like they were an ugly child.

3. Capture Accidents

4. Make Mistakes Faster

Lastly, in this lecture we were informed about industry fridays, this will be weekly talks from professional creatives in different areas that will give us a chance to broaden our view of other industries and how they work and potentially make contacts. Each week we will attend these talks, at least 4 per term, and then review them and what we have learn in a 200 word summary in a separate section of this blog, called “industry fridays”. The first one this week is from a photographer, which i will attend because its important to learn more about all disciplines not just your own. 


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