To begin thinking of ideas of how to illustrate my chosen pages, i made a few mood boards of reference imagery:

milkwood 1 milkwood 2 milkwood 3 milkwood 4

I will use these as jumping off points for my ideas, i took these in with me thursday to ensure i had some reference material and we spent the day working on our illustrations to go through the printer. We had a presentation from Rachel, giving us some information on the “play for voices” and how we should use text interpretation, i tend to interpret text on a personal level that sometimes can be a bit obscure, so i worry it won’t identify well with an audience. To interpret is to clarify or explain a meaning ” elucidate”, which comes from illuminate , illuminate is also the meaning of illustration! The second way of defining interpretation is to convey or represent the spirit or meaning in something.  For this task we were to create 2 positives in black and white, to go through the printer ( like screen printing but by machine, in a printer that uses ink drums that you can change to get different colours) this printer can be used on large amounts of printing like printing books, and its quite economical.

Although our image will be in 2 colours when printed, if the colours are layered over one another it will create a third darker colour. This is what i would like my main line work to be in so it stands out and is clear.

I played around with a few ideas, most of them conventionally representing Mrs Ogmore Pritchard and her 2 dead husbands. When Rachel had a look around and said people were thinking too literally it got me thinking of more abstracted and whimsical ways of representing my characters. I started thinking about how my characters live in a fishing village, a small fishing village where not alot happens. It’s a bit like being in a goldfish tank, isolated and quiet with very little activity or intrusion from the outside world. So i envisioned my characters as fish themselves, this allowed me to represent Mrs Ogmore Pritchard’s dead husbands as fish bones, and it allowed me to be more decorative in my work. I also added in aspects of the conversation Mrs Ogmore Pritchard was having with her husbands in the scene, where she was instructing one of them to take his salts because they are good for him, and another to use a tissue, so i added this objects and also some other cleaning products into the illustration. This made my illustration more surreal, the way the play is in its language and its themes. It also allowed me to express what is happening in that particular scene.

below are images of my illustrations, we will be printing them this week but i have an example of someone elses work to see what it will look like.

10351648_10154779015415151_7396107615817365333_n 10671245_10154779013795151_835446085762796820_n 10620592_10154779013215151_7598812543748145990_n 10696161_10154779026765151_4755098332178498338_n 10174968_10154779010990151_7483278472521082868_n 1959811_10154779012875151_5727219261024569198_n

As we hadnt got the chance to all use the risograph printer, i edited a few images quickly just to get some ideas:

milkwood3 milkwood4 10696161_10154779026765151_4755098332178498338_n milkwood


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