Working for Walt Disney has been a lifelong ambition, one i hope to achieve even if it takes many more years to get there. I’d like to work specifically in character design, product design like character products such as snow globes and pins. I’d also like to be one of the Disney featured artists who create prints in their own style of Disney classics for the art gallery in Downtown Disney in Florida.  I’ve seen several creative internships that could get me here, or help me get my foot in the door at the company.

I look for jobs and internships regularly here: http://disneycareers.com/en/search-jobs/advanced-search/

I don’t mind whether they are in this country or based abroad, because i intend to work for this corporation wherever it takes me. The internships i have looked at are for 6 months for graduates and i could also just apply for jobs that ask for a portfolio interview. I want to use this year to build a strong portfolio of drawing skills and design skills. Also a portfolio filled with new ideas i can present to the company in hope they may give me a shot with them. I would also like to learn animation skills and make a short film in the Walt Disney style, to show in interview. I understand that working for this corporation would be highly pressured and there would be alot of grunt work and i would have to start at the coffee making stage, but its a passion i want to see through. This may not be the most respected ambition among the creative community, due to it being for a large corporation where i could be given pre-imagined materials to use rather than my own, but i am passionate enough about these characters and worlds that have already been created that i could happily draw them all day.

In order to apply for a Disney creative internship, i can apply through their website after graduation. But I’d also like to visit their London Headquarters and set up a meeting with a creative worker ( a director would be a long shot) or someone from human resources to show them my portfolio and enquire more about the Walt Disney Corporation as a work environment and what internships and jobs are on offer at the time i seek employment.

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