Creative fields i’m interested in:

I’ve found from this project that my interests have broadened, whereas i still maintain a strong desire to work for Walt Disney in character design and animation, i now have more of an insight into freelance illustration and find it less of a frightening career choice than i previously did. I also now am leaning towards the idea of fashion illustration and creating works for licensed products, specifically for a company that i create myself involving creating graphics for fashion products and art prints. Although i think i’d find scientific and marine illustration interesting, i dont have the necessary knowlegde to undertake it without gaining a qualification in a biological or marine science first.

what skills and abilities do i already have:

During my degree my drawing skills have improved immensely, and i am happy with their progress especially coloured pencil drawing. I also have skills with 3D materials learnt through sculpture workshops and some textile experience that i hope to be able to incorporate into illustration. I have basic photoshop skills that i would like to improve this year.

What skills do i hope to acquire:

i hope to continue improving my drawing skills through practice, because i feel this would be playing to my strengths and i enjoy drawing. I would like to learn how to begin making digital illustrations and would like to learn how to use illustrator. I’d also like to learn basic animation skills, and maybe some stop motion animation because i’d like my career to eventually go down this route. I feel whilst i can competently draw, i am lacking in modern day skills within illustration that are increasingly popular in industry and this could hold me back from certain jobs i hold interest in.

What do i currently enjoy in work and life:

In work i enjoy finding new artists and illustrators for inspiration, by scouring blogs or reading juxtapoz magazine. I also like practicing drawing existing characters to hone my drawing skills, and inventing my own characters. I like watching new animated films to give me ideas for my work, and looking at japanese art websites as they are where i find the work that i find most exciting. In life i’m currently enjoying being part of a theatre group, making costumes and props, i think having this creative outlet gives me new ideas. I also in life, enjoy travelling alot, at least 2 of my previous university projects have been inspired by my trips to China and Japan, and i hope to extend this list to cover all of Asia because i find i get the most inspiration from these countries and their respective artists.

what can i see myself doing in the future:

In the future, i plan to keep creating work for my own enjoyment and taking advantage of the internet and social media to hopefully build a fanbase that i can begin creating for. My long term goal, is to work for Walt Disney creating characters, product designs and working on animations. I also like the idea of creating illustrations for products for a company of my own.


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