Editorial illustration are images that accompany text in publications more every day read than books, like magazines and newspapers, they print illustrations alongside their articles to illuminate some element of the concepts for the reader or to highlight a particular view. They can be political sometimes too.

i’ve found a few articles on the internet about editorial illustration and how to get into the career:



Editorial illustration is freelance mainly, like you get jobs to illustrate a certain article in a magazine or in a newspaper. In the article above it says that to get into freelance editorial illustration its important to focus your portfolio, on the sort of work you want to be known for, and to have a consistent portfolio looks better to potential clients. It recommends you have 10 examples of good editorial work, and if you haven’t had that many jobs yet then create your own based on interesting newspaper or magazine articles you can find. It differs slightly from the advice i got on book illustration because the book illustration article said don’t work for free, yet this article says its ok when your getting started to do a little bit of work for free in order to get your name out there.  The article says its important to research your potential clients heavily and know who you are aiming work at and what they have commissioned before. The next step written is to send something in the post or try and meet face to face with your clients, i like the idea of face to face because i find emails can be so easily ignored nowadays and have very little impact.

For editorial illustration it says you must be as flexible and client friendly as possible, it also suggests that sending a monthly newsletter or publication so that they dont forget about you is a good idea. Because there will always be new artists and creatives who can swoop in and take your place at the top of a clients go to list, so its important to keep yourself exciting and interesting to your clients.

Here are some examples of editorial illustrations, i think that an editorial piece has to interact well with its surrounding text and layout is just as important as the image itself. For this i think i would have to teach myself to use InDesign or Illustrator in order to create thoughtful and innovative layouts.

badidea01 Dwell_01_650 4656217924


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