I have been assigned the summer project “My Practice”, in order to prepare us for the world of industry it is important to know which industries you are passionate about, and how you can become involved in them. This is a research project primarily, and i have begun with listing some creative industries within Illustration that i hold an interest in / passion for, and some which i am curious to learn more about. From these jumping off points i will research each creative area of the industry i hold interest in, this is essentially a project to solidify where i want to be in my career, where i want my final major project to take me and where i see myself as a creative professional in the future. Now illustration itself is new for me, as i have been a fine arts student for the past two years, i was recommended illustration from my previous tutor who confirmed that i have always been more illustrative in my ideas than conceptual fine artist, so i am keen to learn more about these industries because its a totally new journey this year that i want to make the most of. I had originally thought illustration was quite a set in stone job title, but after going online and looking at various websites (listed at the bottom of this post and in the bibliography section of this blog) there are many ways of branching into illustration, some which i am glad to have come across because they have sparked my interest.  I also intend to look at the differences between freelance illustration and working for a company as an illustrator, i would have originally thought the latter appealed to me more, because its a more stable career choice, but as a freelance illustrator you can choose which briefs you do, depending on what you are offered. I will not just research these careers as job specifications but i will look at illustrators in the various industries and their portfolios.

Over the past two years i have created a range of pieces, that have pushed my boundaries further than they could have gone on my own, i have learnt new techniques and more importantly what i enjoy creating, i am looking forward to continuing this into the next year and starting to hone my skills. I don’t expect by the end of this course to be a fully confident proficient illustrator, but i’d like to enter into the industry with enough knowledge and inspiration to get me started 🙂 And i think this project will help by introducing a relatively new career choice to me on a more in depth level.

  • Illustration for books, specifically for children’s stories or biological books showing animals or plants. I find i am slightly less interested in books specifically for education, and more for children’s fictional stories that can include an air of whimsy and fantasy.
  • Editorial illustration, i particularly like those featured in fashion magazines ( which may also be defined as fashion illustration?) , the illustrations accompanying horoscopes i always find creatively exciting.
  • Illustration in terms of character design, and product illustration, I’d specifically like to work for the Walt Disney Corporation because i have a lifelong passion for their characters, and over the recent years with films like tangled and frozen the artwork has become even more beautifully detailed than the previous years which i’d already fallen in love with. For this i would also like to learn animation techniques.
  •  Greetings card & gift illustration- i’ve always been a bit crafty in my approach to art and have a passion for all of the holidays so i think this would be an enjoyable pastime , i especially love paper chase’s designs!
  • Marine illustration, i’d never considered this before in my life until i came across it on an article called “45 markets of illustration” , i enjoy drawing fish and other aquatic creatures, and have done some examples of this that i have been very pleased with, so the idea of drawing them for text books, or publications to do with marine biology interest me.
  • i’ve read about in the same article about “licensing artists” who create work like graphics for t-shirts and other products, i would be interested in this if it was for a business of my own that i could have full creative control over. This is something i will look into because i would at some point in my career be able to work for myself on entirely self- driven projects.
  • Digital illustration- now this i have very little experience in, i have a tablet which i cannot work so this is definitely something i could look into and learn about. I am decent with photoshop, and can create digital compositions but digital painting is something i would like to learn about. It’s huge in industry and a valuable skill to have i think.

There’s a few illustrators that spring to mind that i admire and would like to look at more in depth that i haven’t been able to use in my previous course, i am interested in experimental illustration, i also like paper cutting and 3D illustration, which i already have some experience in so i am intrigued by illustrators who make a career from doing this! below are some artists/ illustrators i will look at:

  • Samantha Pierpoint ( 3D illustration and graphic design mixed with digital illustration, has done work for paper chase, nokia & Jetstar magazine).
  • Ward Kimball ( One of the most successful and reknowned disney animators of all time!)
  • Martin Tomsky (creates illustrations with wood)
  • Bec Winnel ( fashion illustration & art)
  • Emily Carew Woodard (character design/ animal illustration/ childrens books)
  • Kate Knight (fine artist- surreal animal illustrations)
  • Kimura U (fashion illustration, licensed art for her own clothing line)

I’m sure i’ll think of plenty more along the way, ones that are discovered during research 🙂  below are a collection of images i’ve found inspiring to my work over the summer:

illustrations 1


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