Summer Project My Practice

Unit code and title: ART006-3 Art and Design Professional Practice
Unit credits: 45
Unit assessment method: 60% Portfolio, 40% Journal
Unit submission: TBC
Project briefing: 20.5.14
Project deadline: TBC (Oct 14)
Project feedback: TBC (Oct14)
Tutors: Rachel Gannon

Over the summer we want you to think about your work and your career – who you want to work for and
what kind of projects you want to work on? Being yourself and indulging your personal interests in your
work, as that is what will set you part from everyone else.
1. Illustration Industry research and mission plan
Research the illustration industry using guides given in the research section as starting
point (you should find more of your own).
_ Make a list of creative fields associated with Illustration that you are passionate or curious about.
_ Aim to discover more about these fields.
_ What skills and abilities do you already have?
_ What skills could you acquire?
_ What do you currently enjoy in work and life?
_ How do you work?
_ What can you see yourself doing in the future?
(Document this research on your blog/journal)
Write a mission statement for the year ahead (no more than 250 words). This should include
your goals, aims and ambitions. Ultimately what you should be aiming to achieve is a way for you
personally to make that transition from education to the professional world.
2. My Practice Presentation
Prepare a presentation in which you present your practice. The presentation should last 5mins
and there will be 5mins for questions and discussions.
Consider what makes up your practice. What are you interested and how this shapes you work.
Use the structure… 5 things I have read… 5 things I have seen… 5 things I do.
Practise: repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain
proficiency in it.
Practice: perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it.
Keywords: practice, presentation, proposal
project timetable
20.5.14 in Studio – Project Briefing
10.14 in (tbc) – presentations and feedback
(what you need to submit)
1. 250 Word Mission statement
2. Research on the Illustration Industry documented on your blog
3. 5 minute presentation

reading list
These are the essential texts for this project. They are all available in the library please ensure you
familiarise yourself with this texts as they will enable you to contextualise and inform your studio
Rees, D (2008) How to be an Illustrator; Laurence King
Brazell, D, (2011) Making great illustration, London: A & C Black
Amorose, V (2013) Art-write: the writing guide for visual artists : crafting effective artist statements
and promotional materials: Luminaire Press
Itsnicethat.com / manystuff.org / theaoi.com / houseofillustration.org.uk
Your reading list: list the books that you have researched and read in response to this brief.


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