Peter Blake is known as the Godfather of Pop Art, and one of the leading figures in the Art world. His recent exhibition in Cardiff is illustrations of his take on the radio drama Under Milk Wood, as it’s this radio drama we have been asked to illustrate this week it will be interesting to see his take on it. As a pop artist it will be interesting to see how he illustrates Under Milk Wood, below are some images i found on the internet of the work from his exhibition.

peter blake 2

This shows Peter Blake’s depiction of the blind sea captain Captain Cat, i think hes done it very well because from the research i did on the story, i could tell this was Captain Cat. I like how the image is washed out in colour, because i think it connects well with the idea of Captain Cat being blind and his limited view of life in the town. His illustrations are quite contrasting as some look “Pop Arty” and some look more realistic like this one.

peter-blake-illustrastes-dylan-thomass-under--L-u8mW2F These two illustrations are photo montages/ collages, they’re quite interesting and bold. I like the contrast between hand drawn and photography, these are things i haven’t used in my own work before and could consider for future experimentation. I cannot exactly spot specific characters in these illustrations, but the lady in the tophat of the bright blue image, at the front, i think might be Mrs Ogmore Pritchard, because of her age.

The publication from the exhibition says:

“Oriel y Parc is delighted to present Sir Peter Blake’s illustrations of Under Milk Wood (1953). This major body of work is the culmination of a 25 year project and moves to Pembrokeshire from the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.”

The exhibition has portraits of the characters in black and white on tinted paper, water colours showing the dreams during the story, locations made using collage and photographs that Blake took himself of the town where Thomas based LLareggub on.

I cannot see many examples of the work online, but perhaps now the exhibition has ended they might be more easy to find. Here is the article i found the images from:



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